The Purpose

I have a few purposes in beginning this blog.

  • Firstly, I wish to make myself accountable to reading the Bible.
  • I would also like to help others come closer to Christ.
  • I hope that it can start conversation about different passages of Scripture and different topics about Christianity, so we can all learn more about our faith.

I am going to begin by writing notes everyday on the passages of Scripture I read.  I plan to be reading from the New Living Translation.  The notes will be recorded on this blog for others to discuss and for a personal reference.  Comments and conversation are warmly welcomed, as we all may learn something from it or encourage each other by it.

After I have gone through the entire Bible, I hope to either discuss topics of Christianity or study individual passages in more detail.

I hope you get something from reading these posts.

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4 Comments on “The Purpose”

  1. April Says:

    So, will you be starting with the Old Testament and then working back through to the New Testament?

    • Tim Says:

      Yes, I will be going straight through the books of the Bible as it is written, starting with the Old Testament.

  2. Beth Says:

    Why don’t you read them chronologically?

    • Tim Says:

      It’s easier this way to just go straight through the Bible. I want to read through an entire book rather than flipping through different books based on timeline (at least for this time through).

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