Genesis 1-4

I know this passage deals with the Creation and the introduction of sin.  A great deal of in-depth discussion could be posted here, but my purpose in this first run-through of the Bible is to just highlight the main points… a Sparknotes summary of the Bible, if you will.

Genesis 1

The Creation

  1. God made the heavens and earth.  I take this to mean the clouds, galaxies, the universe, and the earth.  The simple fact that it says the heavens (huge, immense, and lots of stuff) and the earth makes me think that the earth is pretty significant in God’s eyes (comparing something so large to something so small).  God also made light, which separated night and day.
  2. God made a space to separate the “…waters above from the waters below.” (Gen. 1:7)  The space is called sky… so this makes me think there used to be water above the sky and water below the sky.
  3. God made land to separate the seas.  All sorts of plants were also made on the land.
  4. God made the sun, moon, and stars.  These separated the seasons and the light and darkness.  They were made the day after plants were made.  Interesting…
  5. God made fish and other life in the water.  He also made birds.  He blessed them and commanded them to multiply.
  6. Land animals were created.  After this, God created people in His own image.  We are “…masters over all life…” (Gen. 1:26).  We are also commanded to multiply, as well as to subdue the earth.  The plants are to be our food for now.

God saw everything that He had made thus far to be good.

Genesis 2

  • God rested on the seventh day.  He declared it a holy day.
  • There was no rain.  God made water to come up from the ground to water the land.  Man could cultivate the soil to help the plants grow.  God used dust and His own breath of life to create man… God breathed into man!
  • God put the man he created in a garden, Eden, he planted in the east.  At the center was the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
  • A river with four branches flowed through the garden.  This probably has relevance, but I’m unsure what for.
  • God put the man in the garden and told him to eat any fruit except that of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  If he did, he would die.
  • In verse 19, the first reference to Adam is made in the New Living Translation.  I’m assuming this is “the man” as referred to before, but again, I’m not positive.
  • Adam named all the animals.
  • God sees that “…’It is not good for the man to be alone…” (Gen. 2:18).  So He makes a companion from one of Adam’s ribs (He took one while Adam was asleep).  Adam called his companion a woman (she is part of himself).
  • Adam and his wife were both naked but were not ashamed of it.

Genesis 3

  • That stupid serpent… it asked the woman if she couldn’t eat from all of the fruit in the garden.  Temptation!  She replied with a half-truth: she says that they can’t eat from the tree at the center of the garden (she didn’t say they couldn’t eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but I’m guessing she was referring to that tree).  But she also says she can’t even touch it. How many times have I myself not been able to tell something about God accurately…?
  • The serpent says it will open her eyes to see both good and evil.  Makes sense since the name of the tree is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil….  But the serpent also lied, saying she would be just like God.  Bad serpent.  Bad, bad serpent.
  • The woman took it and gave some to her husband.  Why were they right next to the tree?  At any rate, they found out they were naked and covered themselves with fig leaves.
  • God called out to Adam that evening.  He hid because he was naked.  God knew instantly what had happened.
  • Adam blamed the woman, and the woman blamed the serpent.  It was the blame game, but nobody won.  The serpent was cursed and now had to crawl on its belly (did it have legs before?), the woman will have pain in childbearing and be subject to her husband, and Adam will have to struggle to earn a living from a ground that will now grow thorns and thistles.  Death is also introduced.  Reminds me of Romans 6:23…
  • At this point, the Bible says Adam named his wife Eve (she is the mother of all people).  This is a good reason for me to believe that Adam and Eve are indeed the first man and woman (so that earlier, when the Bible said man and woman, I assumed it refers to Adam and Eve).
  • God made Adam and Eve clothing from animal skins.
  • Since people now knew good and evil like God, God banished Adam and Eve from Eden so they would  not eat from the tree of life (I heard a really good discussion about this in Sunday School one Sunday… was God protecting Adam and Eve?).
  • God placed cherubims to the east of Eden to guard the way to the tree of life.

Genesis 4

  • Adam and Eve have Cain and Abel.
  • Cain became a farmer and Abel a shepherd… note that they have occupations now, since they have to work for a living to survive.
  • Cain brought God a gift of produce, while Abel brought a gift of the best lambs from his flock.  God accepted Abel’s offering but not Cain’s (the Bible does not say why, but perhaps it was due to Cain’s attitude or sin in his life?).
  • Cain go mad and killed Abel.  When God asked Cain where Abel was, Cain lied, saying that he did not know.  God then made Cain a fugitive and banished him from his current place of residence.
  • Cain feared that someone would kill him, seeing him as a fugitive (talk about family problems! I’m assuming that the human race was still just Adam, Eve, and their children…).  God said the person that killed Cain would have seven times his punishment!
  • Cain settled in Nod, a place to the east of Eden and married someone.  They had a son, Enoch.
  • 5 generations after Cain, Lamech (from Cain’s lineage) was attacked by a youth, and Lamech killed him.  Apparently the curse of Cain was on Lamech too, as he said that anyone that kills him will be punished seventy-seven times as much as someone who kills Cain.
  • Adam and Eve give birth to Seth, whom Eve said God gave her in place of Abel.
  • Seth had a son Enosh.  During Enosh’s lifetime, people first began to worship the Lord.
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