Genesis 5-8

So sometime after the Creation, sin enters the world through Adam and Eve.  Sin shows its nasty side quickly, as Cain kills his brother, and Lamech is also attacked by an unnamed person (who he kills).  What is the world coming to?

Genesis 5

Adam’s family tree is given.  Some noteables:

  • Enoch lived 365 years close to God, then was taken by Him.  Enoch’s son, Methuselah, lived 969 years, which I believe is the oldest age recorded in the Bible.
  • Methuselah had Lamech, and Lamech had Noah.
  • Noah had three sons by the time he was 500 years old: Shem, Ham and Japheth.
  • Perhaps later on I will go through this chapter in more detail to see just how long (how many years) it took for man to get to such a state that God would cause a flood.

Genesis 6

Head for the hills!  There’s a flood coming!

  • The ‘sons of God’ started to want to wed the beautiful women of the human race.  Regardless of who exactly the ‘sons of God’ refers to (whether angels or Seth’s descendants or another group), this shows that sin is getting worse…
  • God says that the people will live no more than 120 years.  My study Bible makes a good point: some commentators interpret it to mean that God was giving the people in Noah’s time 120 years to turn back to Him.
  • Giants resulted from the sons of God having intercourse with human women.
  • God was sorry he ever made people.  “…It broke his heart” (Gen. 6:6).  So God decided to destroy the human race and the animals.
  • Noah was close to God… and apparently the only one!  God told Noah his plan to wipe out all living creatures on the earth.
  • God commanded Noah to build a boat that would be longer than a football stadium (450 feet), 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high.  It should have 3 decks – a lower, middle, and upper one.  A male of female of each kind of animal, as well as Noah, his wife, his sons, and their wives would board the boat.  God also told Noah to take enough food for his family and the animals.
  • Noah did everything God told him to do.

Genesis 7

  • More detail is given about what will board the boat —  seven pairs of each animal that would be used for eating and sacrifice, as well as seven pairs of every kind of bird.  One pair of everything else.
  • There will be forty days and nights of rain.
  • The flood began two months and seventeen days after Noah’s 600th birthday.  Noah’s family and the animals were safe on the boat.
  • Verse 11 says “…the underground waters burst forth…”.  Remember the water that was underground that God used to water the plants during the Creation?  I believe that this is that same water that is bursting forth.  Also, remember how the sky separated the waters below and the waters above?  Perhaps all this rain came from the water above the sky.  This is just what I think… but the Bible does say for sure that the waters burst forth from underground.
  • The waters came to more than twenty-two feet above the peak of the highest mountain.  Everything that was living died.  Only those in this boat survived.
  • The water covered the earth for 150 days…

Genesis 8

  • God sent wind to make the flood go away.  After the 150 days (my Bible says this time is exactly five months as well), the boat rested on the mountains of Ararat.  After another two and a half months, other mountain peaks were visible.
  • Fast forward forty more days.  Noah sends out a raven, which flies around until the earth was dry.
  • Noah also sent out a dove, which returned since it could not find a place to land.  After seven days, Noah sent the dove out again.  It returned with an olive leaf.  After another seven days, Noah sent it out again, and it did not return (so the earth is drying up – the dove found a place to land and stay).
  • After twelve and a half months, God told Noah it was time to leave the boat.  Over a full year in a boat!
  • All the animals were released so that they could replenish the earth again.
  • What’s Noah’s first response to getting off the boat?  Building an altar and sacrificing some of those sacrificial animals that were on the boat to God.  Noah sure is one genuine guy!
  • God was pleased with the sacrifice.  While He acknowledges that people are inherently evil starting as early as childhood, God says to Himself that He will never again curse the earth or destroy all living things.
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