Genesis 25-28

Abraham and Sarah finally got their son Isaac.  Hagar and Ishmael have gotten the boot.  Sarah has died and Isaac has gotten a beautiful wife in Rebekah.  It’s about time to make our main character the next generation…

Genesis 25

  • Abraham married Keturah and had several sons through her.  While he did give them gifts, he made them go to the east, away from Isaac.  Isaac would still get the inheritance.
  • Abraham dies at 175 years of age and is buried in the cave of Machpelah with Sarah.  Isaac settles near Beer-lahairoi in Negev.
  • A list of Ishmael’s sons and descendants is given.  They all lived close together east of Egypt (from Havilah to Shur).  Ishmael died at the age of 137.
  • Isaac married Rebekah when he was forty.  Rebekah, like Sarah, had trouble having a child.  Isaac pleaded with God, and when he was sixty, Rebekah had twins.
  • The twins struggled in Rebekah’s womb.  God said this is because they would be rival nations.  The older son’s descendants will serve the younger son’s descendants.
  • The first child was very red and covered with a lot of hair.  He was named Esau (which probably means ‘hair’).  The second child was birthed while grasping Esau’s heel.  He was named Jacob (meaning “he grasps the heel” or to figuratively mean “he deceives”).
  • Esau became a hunter (Isaac’s favorite) and Jacob stayed at home a lot (Rebekah’s favorite).  One day, Esau came home from a hunt very exhausted and hungry.  Jacob made Esau trade his birthright to him in exchange for some bread and lentil stew.  Esau seemed indifferent to what he had just done.

Genesis 26

  • A severe famine struck and Isaac moved to Gerar (King Abimelech of the Philistines lived here – a different one than who Abraham deceived, according to my study Bible).
  • God told Isaac to not go into Egypt but to stay in Gerar.  He reaffirmed to Isaac the promises he made to Abraham: his descendants would be countless, they would be given the land he was in, and all nations would be blessed through his descendants.
  • Isaac deceives Abimelech exactly as Abraham deceived Pharoah and a different Abimelech — he says Rebekah is his sister for fear of being killed.  After Abimelech saw Isaac fondling her, he said anyone who harms Isaac or Rebekah would be killed.  Fortunately, no one had slept with Rebekah.
  • The Lord blessed Isaac, and his harvest was enormous.  The made the Philistines jealous (of Isaac’s riches), and they began to fill up Isaac’s wells with dirt.  Abimelech asked Isaac to leave the country, and Isaac left to the Gerar Valley.
  • Isaac’s servants dug three wells… the first two being claimed by local shepherds.  The last one was his own… no one argued over it.
  • Isaac moved to Beersheba, and God reaffirms some of his promises to Isaac.  Isaac built an altar there and worshiped God.
  • Abimelech, his adviser Ahuzzath, and his army commander Phicol came to Isaac asking for a peace treaty.  Isaac and the Philistines had a feast.  The day after, Isaac’s servants had dug a well, and they named the town Beersheba – “well of the oath.”
  • Esau married Judith, a Hittite, and Basemath, another Hittite.  These two made Isaac’s and Rebekah’s lives miserable.

Genesis 27

  • Isaac is getting older and is almost blind.  He tells Esau to go hunt and make his favorite dish for him to eat.  Then Isaac will bless Esau.
  • Rebekah overhears the conversation.  She tells Jaco to get two goats, and she would prepare the dish.  Rebekah’s trying to do God’s will her way…
  • Jacob also wears some of Esau’s clothes and gloves made from the goats.  Jacob gives the meal to his dad and says he is Esau.  Jacob says the Lord put the wild game directly in his path (hence why the meal has been prepared so quickly).
  • Although Isaac heard Jacob’s voice, he felt his hands (hairy) and smelled his clothes (like the open fields).  So Isaac blessed Jacob, thinking he was Esau.
  • Right after Isaac finished blessing Jacob, Esau came in with his meat dish.
  • Isaac revealed that he had just blessed Jacob.  Esau became enrage, wanting to kill his brother.  Someone told Rebekah about this, and she told Jacob.  The plan would be for Jacob to go live with his uncle Laban until Esau calmed down.
  • Rebekah told Isaac that she most definitely did not want Jacob to marry one of the local Hittite women.
  • Because of Rebekah’s sin and Jacob going along with it, deceiving his father, my study Bible notes several consequences of Jacob’s actions: Jacob never saw his mother again, Esau wanted to kill him, uncle Laban deceived Jacob, Esau would become the founder of an enemy nation, and Jacob was exiled from his family for several years.  Note that Jacob would have gotten the blessing anyway based on Gen. 25:23 without this sin.

Genesis 28

  • Isaac told Jacob to go to Bethuel (Laban and Rebekah’s father) in Paddan-aram and marry one of Laban’s daughters.
  • Esau heard how Isaac did not like the Canaanite women, so he married one of Ishmael’s daughters, Mahalath.
  • On the way to Haran, Jacob slept and dreamed of a stairway that went from earth to heaven.  Angels were going up and down it.  At the top was God.  He reaffirmed the promises to Jacob.  He also told him that the land he was in would belong to his descendants, and He would also protect Jacob wherever he went.
  • When Jacob woke up, he made memorial from the stone pillar he had used.  He also poured olive oil over it.  He named the area Bethel — “house of God.”
  • Jacob affirmed that he would make God the Lord of his life.  He made the memorial a place for worshipping God and also said he would give God a tenth of everything that God gives him.
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