Genesis 45-48

So Joseph has finished testing his brothers… Judah has stood up for them.  Joseph sees that his brothers have changed and are not evil as they once were.  Now is the time for a great family reunion…

Genesis 45

  • Joseph tells all the Egyptians attendants to leave the room.  He then reveals himself as Joseph to his brothers.  His weeping could be heard throughout the entire palace.
  • Joseph tells his brothers to bring Jacob with them to Goshen so that Joseph can share his prosperity with them.
  • The brothers went to Jacob along with several wagons, fine clothes, and other provisions.  They told Jacob the news.  At first Jacob did not believe, but once he heard Joseph’s messages and saw the wagons loaded with food, he chose to go see Joseph.
  • My study Bible also notes the similarity of how Jacob at first doubted Joseph being alive, just as Thomas doubted Jesus being risen from the dead.  They both needed some kind of proof.

Genesis 46

  • Jacob and his descendants start their way to Egypt.  In Beersheba, God tells Jacob that his descendants will become a great nation in Egypt, but they will come back to Canaan (prophecy of the Israelites going out of Egypt and eventually conquering Canaan).  Jacob would die with Joseph at his side.
  • A family tree of Jacob’s descendants is given.  He has sixty-six going to Egypt, not counting his sons’ wives.  Adding Joseph, his two sons, and (I assume) Jacob himself, there were seventy members in Jacob’s family in Egypt.
  • Joseph sees his father.  They both embrace.  Jacob says he could die now knowing that Joseph is alive.

Genesis 47

  • Joseph tells Pharaoh that his family are livestock breeders and shepherds (which are despised by Egyptians), but Pharaoh himself probably came from the nomadic Hyksos line, making him sympathetic to shepherds.  So Jacob’s family got to live in Goshen, away from the prejudice of the Egyptians.  Pharaoh also put them in charge of his own livestock.
  • Jacob is presented before Pharaoh.  Jacob reveals that he is 130 at this time.  Jacob blesses Pharaoh.
  • Joseph gives food to his fathers and brothers in appropriate amounts.
  • The famine continually gets worse.  The people of Egypt and Canaan ran out of money.  So they exchanged their livestock for grain.  Then they exchanged their land, and basically made themselves servants of Pharaoh.  Joseph gives them seeds and tells them that 4/5 of their crops can be kept for themselves, while 1/5 should go to Pharaoh.
  • Jacob lived to 147 then died.  He made Joseph swear to bury him at the tomb of Machpelah with Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac.

Genesis 48

  • Before Jacob had died, Joseph heard that his father was nearing death.  So he took his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim to Jacob.
  • Although Jacob is almost blind, he intentionally blessed Ephraim, the younger brother, more than he did his older brother, Manasseh.
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