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Exodus 11-14

May 23, 2009

Egypt has really been through it.  The tenth plague, however, will leave Pharaoh no choice but to let God’s people go…

Exodus 11

  • The Egyptians had actually come to like the Israelites and Moses.  This is why the Israelites would soon be able to ask them for gold, silver, and other nice things and still get them when they left (just by asking).
  • Moses warned Pharaoh of the killing of the firstborn.  He told Pharaoh how no Israelite would be harmed, but every single Egyptian family would be.  Pharaoh still refused to let the Israelites go.

Exodus 12

  • Moses and Aaron tell the Israelites the rituals of the Passover… a holiday the Lord would establish among them as a sign for them to remember what He was going to do.
  • The rituals included using a lamb or goat’s blood to smear over the top and sides of the doorpost.  This would tell the ‘Destroyer’ to not enter the Israelites’ houses; their firstborn would be spared.
  • The Israelites could also not eat bread with yeast.  Also, the lamb or goat had to be eaten in full (or the uneaten parts had to be burned before morning).
  • The Egyptians’ firstborn and their cattle’s firstborn were slain.  Great wailing was heard throughout Egypt.
  • Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron that very night.  The Israelites were free to go, as well as all their flocks and herds.  They also asked the Egyptians for clothing and articles of silver and gold.  In this manner, they raided Egypt like a victorious army.
  • It is estimated that two million people left Egypt.  However, the Bible says for sure that 600,000 men left (not including the women and children).
  • The Israelites had lived in Egypt exactly 430 years.  This night was the last day of the 430th year.
  • God gives Moses and Aaron some more rules for the Passover.  Each passover lamb should stay in one household.  Also, foreigners may not eat the lamb.  If they want to celebrate the Passover, the males must be circumcised.
  • At this point, God began leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

Exodus 13

  • In an early day in spring, the Israelites were to eat only bread without yeast for seven days.  They must explain to their children why they are celebrating — the fact that God led them out of Egypt.
  • The Israelites must also dedicate their firstborn to the Lord.  He saved them during the Passover.  This, again, is to teach the children and remind the Israelites of all that God has done for them.
  • God led the Israelites from Succoth to Etham towards the Red Sea.  This was not the shortest route, but it avoided the Philistine territory (if their was conflict, the Israelites might want to return to Egypt).
  • Moses took the bones of Joseph with him as was promised to Joseph many, many years ago.
  • God guided the Israelites “…by a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire at night.” (Exo. 13:21)

Exodus 14

  • God told Moses to camp the Israelites along the shore.
  • After three days, Pharaoh and his officials changed their minds.  They did not want their slaves to escape.  They took six hundred of their finest chariotes, along with the rest of Egypt’s army.
  • The Israelites saw the army in a distance.  They prayed to God, then they complained to Moses.
  • The pillar of cloud made the Egyptians unable to see the Israelites.
  • Moses raised his hand over the Red Sea, and a path of dry ground opened.  The Israelites began crossing.
  • Pharaoh and his army also started crossing the dry ground of the Red Sea.  God made the chariot wheels come off.  At this point, the Egyptians wanted to just leave; they saw that God was fighting for Israel.
  • Once the Israelites reached the other side of the Red Sea, Moses stretched his hand over the sea, and the waters rushed back into place.  Every single person in Pharaoh’s army died.
  • This made the Israelites realize the power of God.  They feared Him and put their faith in Him and Moses.