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Exodus 23-26

May 26, 2009

God has given Moses the ten commandments.  Now God is telling the Israelites his laws.

Exodus 23

  • God gives some laws on justice.  They include not lying on the witness stand, don’t take bribes, treat people impartially (regardless of whether they are rich or poor), don’t oppress foreigners, rest on the seventh day, and more.
  • The Israelites are to have three annual festivals:  The Festival of Unleavened Bread (in early spring, seven days to eat bread without yeast), the Festival of Harvest (bring God the first crops of the harvest), and the Festival of the Final Harvest (bringing God crops at the end of the harvest season).
  • An angel will guide Israel to the land God has prepared for them.  If they obey the angel and God, all their enemies will be conquered.  Israel must be sure to completely conquer these nations, destroying their idols and not taking part in worshiping these nations’ gods.
  • God emphasizes that Israel must not live with any of these people.  They will conquer them, but they must drive them out of the land.  Otherwise, they will be infected with idol worship.

Exodus 24

  • Moses, along with Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and seventy of Israel’s leaders go up the mountain, because God beckoned.  Moses writes down all of God’s instructions.
  • The next morning, Moses builds an altar at the base of the mountain.  He set up twelve pillars around this altar, symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • When Moses told the Israelites God’s command and read the Book of the Covenant to them, they agreed to do what God had commanded.
  • The leaders, Moses, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu go up the mountain and have a meal in God’s presence.
  • Moses and Joshua climb up the mountain, telling the leaders to stay with the Israelites while they are gone.
  • Moses went up the mountain.  The Israelites saw a devouring fire at the top — this was the glory of God.  Moses stayed at the tops of Mount Sinai for forty days and nights.

Exodus 25

  • God told Moses to tell the Israelites that they can bring God an offering if they wish.  God wants a tabernacle to be built.
  • Plans are given in order to build the Ark of the Covenant — the stone tablets with the terms of the covenant will be placed inside.
  • Plans for the table are given.  The Bread of the Presence will be kept on this table.
  • Plans are also givnen to create a lampstand.

Exodus 26

  • God gives the design for the tabernacle.
  • There will be a curtain inside that separates the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place.
  • The Ark of the Covenant will be placed inside the Most Holy Place, while the lampstand and table will be placed outside the Most Holy Place (in the Holy Place… to the best of my understanding).